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Eco Solvent Printer - SC-4180TS[Compatibility Mode]
Main features:
  • This Eco solvent printer offers a printing quality, which is competitive to the Japanese eco solvent printers.
  • This machine allows automatic feeding and collecting structures.
  • The machine undergone different quality tests and it is stable and enough for mass production requirement.
  • LED-UV solution is provided as an option.
C512i/30pl-8 head
Speed Double heads speed
3pass 44㎡/h
4pass 32㎡/h
6pass 22㎡/h
8pass 16㎡/h
3.2M high resolution outdoor printer

1440dpi overcomes the highest resolution of what is said to have for traditional printers which leads the resolution of large format outdoor printing to a new standardand era of printing. Your new profit pattern will be established as per this and more business opportunity will be discovered.

Hardware function configuration:
  • It is Equipped with two standard feeding/collecting system
  • It is to be noted that it can print an entire roll of 3.2m material, which is suitable for high resolution printing on banner/flex.
  • This machine can print two roll material simultaneosly, and can choose one roll of 1.52m and another roll 1.27m or double roll of 1.27m.
  • As an option it provides professional soft film collecting and feeding system.
  • Also have an option of LED UV.

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